NBU sendte 20.januar(med støtte fra Norsk oversetterforening) et opprop til Ogarit. Leder og styreleder for Ogarit takket for uttalelsen, og har sendt den videre til venner og andre organisasjoner . Uttalelsen er også publisert i en lokal avis. Nedenfor følger vårt opprop, svaret fra Walid Abu Bakr og Faiha Abdulhadi, samt den aktuelle avissida.

Norwegian Writers for Children has for many years been partners with the Palestinian organization Ogarit. Ogarit publishes new Palestinian literature for adults and children. Ogarit has also translated and published several books for children from Norwegian.
As partners and friends we feel the urge to raise our voices on behalf of all the innocent people now suffering in Gaza. We condemn the issue of targeting children´s schools, libraries, hospitals, mosques, universities, homes and shelters in Gaza. Even if the situation now seems less tensed, the situation is vulnerable and there is a long way to go for real peace.
As  writers for children and as translators, we would like to call upon all colleagues in the world to raise their voices. The children in Gaza have lost their childhood, which we consider a serious crime.
Norwegian Writers for Children
Norwegian Association for Literary Translators
The statement is very much needed. The situation is less tensed as you mentioned but without immediate withdrawal of the Israeli forces the tension will remain. Now it is the time to evaluate the damages and set measures for rebuilding. It is sad and frustrating to see real damage that struck the children who faced continuous fear for the past 21 days of bombarding and shelling of their homes. The days will uncover more of this bloody massacre.
We thank you again, will translate and send to all friends, organizations within our reach.
With my best wishes
Thank you for your stand against the killing of children in Gaza. We have translated your message and published it in our local newspaper Alayyam (which means Days.) It was published in the last page, which was good. You can see it under the article in the top left of the page, but in Arabic.
Thank you again, and all the best.