The Chuckle Book
Mel Crawford ~ Golden Press, 1971

A funny kinda day here in Texas with unseasonable low temperatures and perfect sun. The kinda day when busting out some Mel Crawford illustrated jokes and riddles is ideal.

Filled with period humor and hilarious drawings of boy scouts, clowns and lederhosen, these sillies were definitely culled from a less politically correct time, but still fun to see today.

A cultural time machine of sorts.

I love all things Mel Crawford, one-time animator, Sesame Street illustrator and Golden Books king, and to see him sketch the nut of a joke is pretty awesome. Case in point…

What goes, «Ha, ha, ha, plop!»?
Someone laughing his head off.

What is the similarity between a hippopotamus and an elephant?
Neither one can play tennis.

Scoutmaster: Now Bruce, if you stand with your back to the north and your face to the south, what would be on your left hand?

Bruce: Fingers.

My son loves to make people laugh. I can’t deny that watching him command a group of first grade boys with a well-told knock-knock joke gives me a thrill. I’ve always though teaching children excellent comic timing was part of our job as parents.

This is a good place to start, friends.

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