Hi everyone… I’ve been lost in birthday party preparation for the last week and am only now coming up for air.

This was the last year I could get the amazing Miss Anastasia from our local independent, The Twig to come to my son’s birthday party without it being totally preposterous. Even still, though most of the boys loved it (my son and his BFF included), some of the boys have obviously already outgrown the joys of being read to. It was sad to see that they are at that age when they are starting to move on from childhood things, but that’s life I guess.

Can you really ever outgrow the magic of hearing The Day the Cow Sneezed? I hope not!

Anyways, I’ll keep reading to my son even if the rest of the boys are leaving Neverland.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program…

(And, oh yeah… there won’t be a give this week, but last week’s give goes to Jonathan. E-mail me at webe(at)soon(dot)com with your shipping info. And remember, only one more day to order the limited edition VKBMKLs T-shirt!)


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