Alligators All Around
Maurice Sendak ~ Harper & Row, 1962

So many wonderful things all around the web have been said about Mr. Sendak in the past day. NPR replayed the tearjerker interview Terry Gross did with him last year, and his words are even more poignant now. If you haven’t yet seen the Spike Jonze documentary on him, you are in for a treat. Maurice was definitively spending his twilight years sifting through the meaning of it all.

If we could all live every moment of our life with such honesty.

Today, I’ll highlight the little handful of awesome that is my favorite book in his Nutshell Library.

The text covers the entire alphabet in full…

A – alligators all around
B – bursting balloons
C – catching colds
D – doing dishes
E – entertaining elephants

my favorite being…

F – forever fooling

and possibly the best use of X ever in an alphabet book…

X – x-ing x’s

Be it juggling jellybeans or pushing people or wearing wigs, being the mother of an only child and a boy, I’ve always thought this little gator family felt like home.

Another of the million and one reasons to miss Maurice.

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