Hi all…

Thanks for the nice notes and well wishes. I am enjoying some quality time alone with my mother here in Tidewater Virginia. My grandmother had a long, colorful life, and I am lucky to count myself among the people she loved.

I wanted to take a moment to recognize that today marks five years of Vintage Kids’ Books My Kid Loves. It was July 25, 2007 when I wrote my first post on Why I Built The Boogle House. It’s been a great ride that saw my son grow from an infant to a full-fledged elementary schooler. As my aptly vandalized childhood copy of Winnie the Pooh states, «Now We Are 7!» I’ve enjoyed every minute of sharing the books we’ve loved with you all, and felt a small victory every time a reader was able to reconnect with a long lost love. Thanks to all who’ve joined us for even a small portion of the ride.

That said, there are going to be some changes here at VKBMKLs. After seven years of staying home with my son, I’ve decided that it is time for me to go back to work. I’ve taken a job with a publisher here in Texas, and couldn’t be more thrilled with getting back in the game. However, between my own writing and work, that won’t leave much time for this blog. But don’t fear… I’m making the commitment from here on out to post at least every Monday. I might end of doing more here and there, but rest assured, I’ll always be here bright and early Monday mornings to share a book.

I’m afraid this also means the end of the Great Monday Give. Though I will still be hosting giveaways occasionally, the weekly gives will stop.

Case in point, to celebrate these new beginnings, I have a great give sponsored by the incomparable New York Review Books Children’s Collection, the best children’s reprint house in the biz. A prize package of four great classics: The Backward Day by Ruth Krauss, Three Ladies Beside the Sea by Rhoda Levine and Edward Gorey, Uncle by JP Martin and Quentin Blake, and Pecos Bill. All you have to do to be entered to win this package of awesome is comment on this post between now and Sunday, August 5 at 11:59 PM CT. A winner will be selected at random and posted the next day.

Good luck to all, and in the coming weeks be expecting a surprise awesome interview, more weekly book love, and loads of old favorites to rediscover!


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