Will and Nicolas ~ Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1953

Merry Christmas and hello 2013! It’s been a great week off, but I am back at work tomorrow, ready to face 2013 with renewed vigor and optimism. Before I do, as the ornaments are getting packed up and the trees hauled out to the curb, let me give one last shout out to Christmas, the Will and Nicolas way.

Meet Davy, a spectacular lad whose idea of fun is taking Christmas gifts of lettuce and seeds out to all the animals of the forest.

At the end of the trail was a fox,
the first Davy had ever seen so close.
Davy stared at the fox with open mouth.
«Stop gaping at me like a booby,» the fox said. «Get me out of this stupid trap.»

«You can talk,» said Davy and his mouth opened wider.

«Of course I can talk», the fox said. «It’s Christmas eve isn’t it?»

Yes. On Christmas all the animals can talk, but better than that, they are blessed with a visit from Santa a day before the rest of us.

There are presents and races and rides and prizes, and because Davy joins in with the animal’s holiday fun, he gets to pick a wild baby bunny to take home for his very own. Sadly, Davy wakes Christmas morning to find that the bunny has lost its ability to converse, but no matter. Davy and the bunny share a cosmic bond that no amount of vocalizing or non-vocalizing an tear apart.

Thank heavens for Christmas miracles, or at least the magic that a good holiday story can produce.

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