Quentin Blake ~ Jonathan Cape, 1980

Since we’ve been hanging around the 80s and still have one day to go before the weekend…Here’s a wee bit of Blake brightness to happy your Friday.

Mr. Magnolia has only one boot.
He has an old trumpet that goes root-toot–
And two lovely sisters who play on the flute–
But Mr. Magnolia has only one boot.
In his pond live a frog and a toad and a newt–
He has green parakeets who pick holes in his suit–
And some very fat owls who are learning to hoot–
But Mr. Magnolia has only one boot.

Oh, what a lovely, bouncy, darling rhyme. When my son reads this book to me, he giggles the entire time, particularly over the fat owls, hooting, of course. Mr. Magnolia rides a scooter with his friends, makes giant splashes when he goes down the slide, and juggles fruit to the dismay of many a fruit sales lady, all while only wearing one boot. Ah, but when a little girl brings him a mysterious package, his problems (or lack thereof) are over.

Love, love, love Mr. Blake. Always with the birds and the adorable mice. His creatures are a treasure.
His drawings harness so much joy, it’s hard not to giggle incessantly. Hee hee. Ha ha. Tee hee.

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