Det er mogleg å melde seg som interessert til eit litterært opphald i Singapore. Men merk deg at søknadsfristen er allereie 24. januar.

Her er meldinga frå ambassaden:

Ambassaden i Singapore har mottatt en invitasjon til nye, norske forfatterspirer som ønsker å søke på et litterært opphold i Singapore.  Invitasjonen foreligger nedenfor.  Kan du videresende invitasjonen til de fagmiljø og kontakter du har som kunne vært interessert i dette?

Til informasjon skjer det mye spennende på litteraturfeltet i Singapore.  Ambassaden deltok i fjor med Roy Jacobsen ved Singapore Writers Festival.  Festivalen var meget godt gjennomført og det er vår hovedkontakt som har sendt oss denne invitasjonen.

 Her er invitasjonen:

The Singapore Creative Writing Residency is open to writers of all stripes and any nationality. Jointly organised by the National University of Singapore’s University Scholars Programme (NUS USP) and The Arts House (TAH), the Singapore Creative Writing Residency 2014 aims to:

  1. provide time, opportunity and environment for the Resident to complete a written work in the English language of substantial length and content;
  2. provide mentorship for students and potential writers in Singapore, and stimulate new writing from them through public programmes organised by the Resident.

The Resident is required to complete or make substantial progress with a written work in the English language (the “Work”), of substantial length and content can be fiction or non-fiction, cover any topic, and may be in one of the following forms:

  1. prose;
  2. verse;
  3. stage play;
  4. radio play; or
  5. screenplay,

or any other written form, subject to approval.

The Work must be in the written medium, which can either be published (in print or electronic media) or performed. The Work must be of publishable standard and be ready for a public reading/lecture by the end of the Residency, or shortly thereafter.

The Residency will last from 1 August 2014 to 31 January 2015. The successful applicant will be given a monthly stipend of SGD3,500, time, and lodging for six months to create a new work. A bonus of SGD2,000, subject to performance appraisal, will be paid out at the end of the Residency.



The programme invites applicants of any nationality. Applicants must:

  1. Be a published writer;
  2. Not be enrolled as a full time student in an undergraduate or graduate programme or fully employed by any organisation at the time of appointment of the Residency.


Selection for the Residency will be based on:

  1. artistic achievement and potential of the applicant;
  2. the strength of his/her proposal for activities during the Residency to conduct public programmes involving students and potential writers; and
  3. interview performance(for shortlisted candidates only)


  • Application form is available here. Submit one copy of the form together with:
    • Curriculum vitae (with two references; photo optional)
    • two copies of a representative body of work (hard copies, i.e; books as well as soft copies sent via PDF will be accepted) to display accomplishment and commitment to a literary career;
    • a proposal for the Residency outlining his/her plans, paying special attention to plans for the mentorship programme for students and public programmes to generate interaction and discussion among students and young writers in Singapore, and the outcome you would like to see from the Residency.
  • Applicants should submit works published no earlier than 2008. Applicants with works published earlier than 2008 may also apply. However, it must be noted that this Residency aims to nurture young writers and all things being equal, preference will be given to writers in earlier stages of their careers.
  • All manuscripts should be typewritten. Any handwritten work will be disqualified.
  • Submit only copies and not the original. If the submission is a copy of an excerpt from a published source, the submission must include copies of the following:
    • Title page showing title of work and name of author
    • A page showing name of publisher and year of publication
    • Contents page
      • Fiction manuscripts must be typed double-spaced (except excerpts from published texts).
      • Poetry manuscripts should be typed single-spaced.
      • Plays and screenplays must be submitted in the proper format.
      • Each manuscript should include a title page with title of the work, author’s name and year the work was completed.


  1. The Resident must take up residency at Cinnamon College, the USP residential college at NUS, and work on site (i.e. Cinnamon College and The Arts House).
  2. The Resident will be provided with the following support at Cinnamon College, including:
    • Board
    • Lodging
    • Computer
    • Email address
    • Paper and printing facilities
  3. The Resident will be required to submit two progress reports (mid-residency and final) including samples of writing completed during the Residency. Continuation of the Residency will be subject to review of the progress reports.
  4. The Resident is required to make significant progress on a written work (agreed upon by the selection committee and Supervisors), which should be of a standard ready for publication in print or electronic media and must be ready for a public reading/lecture by the end of the Residency.
  5. Should the work be published following the completion of the Residency, the Resident must acknowledge the work as having been created during the Singapore Creative Writing Residency.
  6. The Resident is to conduct public programmes involving students and potential writers at both NUS-USP and TAH during the Residency, generating interaction and critical discussion among students and potential writing talents in Singapore and stimulating new writing from them.
  7. The Resident will mentor a maximum of six students during the course of Residency and will conduct weekly workshops at Cinnamon College at NUS, open to all students. He/She will also offer one reading and organise one open mike session.
  8. The Resident will present six public programmes at The Arts House located at The Old Parliament House. The public programmes can include but are not limited to talks, workshops, performances, exhibitions, readings as well as a writer’s clinic.


Application form and all supporting materials should be postmarked no later than 24 January 2014, and addressed to:

Singapore Creative Writing Residency 2014 Attn: Professor John Richardson / Manuel University Scholars Programme Cinnamon College, University Town 18 College Ave East Singapore 138593

The application materials should arrive no later than 3 February 2014.


If the Resident is a foreign candidate, he/she will be under the employ of NUS-USP subject to his/her satisfaction of any pre-employment obligations as may be required by NUS-USP, including without limitation his/her obtaining a valid work pass to work in Singapore.The Residency will cover the airfare both ways.

Coordinators of the Singapore Creative Writing Residency reserve the right not to disclose reasons for approving or rejecting an application. Late, illegible and incomplete applications will not be accepted.



For more information, please contact:



Download: Application Form Frequently asked questions