Frank Asch – McGraw-Hill Companies, 1974

Hello kids. Feels weird and strange to have been away from the interwebs for so long. (Though you can always visit me daily on Instagram if you just ask.) Happy new year and all that. I’ve been posting some over on my other blog, but mainly I’ve been working and taking care of family. Just wanted to share a little yellowed paperback that’s been getting some love around these parts.

One day Gia and her friends were on their way to the circus…
…when they found an old dog with a hurt paw.
«Go on without me,» said Gia. «I’ll stay with this poor old dog.»
Ever so carefully, Gia took the dog home and bandaged his paw.
«Thanks,» said the dog, and gave Gia a hundred dollars.

Can you guess what she does with it?

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