logo_final NamiDen norske ambassaden i Seoul har oversendt NORLA en invitasjon til å delta i en internasjonal illustrasjonskonkurranse i Korea. NBU vil med dette gjøre konkurransen kjent for våre medlemmer.

Nami Concours har som mål å oppmuntre kunstnernes kreativitet og bidra til å fremme kvaliteten på illustrasjonene i bildebøker. Det blir organisert annethvert år på Nami Island, og er sponset av Ibby H.C. Andersen Award.

Mer om konkurransen og vilkårene:

«Nami Concours is back!

In 2013, Nami Concours – the main project of Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival in order to encourage the world’s picture book illustrators to create high quality of works – went with a bang by receiving 619 entries from 42 countries.

Junko Yokota, a former jury of Hans Christian Andersen Awards, Caldecott Medal, Newbery Medal and Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award was appointed as a jury president. In addition, Zohreh Ghaeni, a former jury president of Hans Christian Andersen Awards; Anastasia Arkhipova, internationally renowned Russian illustrator; Yusof Ismail, Malaysia’s best illustrator; Roger Mello, Brazil’s representative illustrator; Byungho Han, Korean illustrative pioneer; and Weesook Yeo, Director of the National Library for Children and Young Adults also participated in judging session as jurors.

7 international jurors were surprised by the number of entries to Nami Concours despite being inaugural and excited to see thousands of high quality illustrations wait to be reviewed. At the end of the two-day intensive judging process, 29 illustrations were selected as winners. Those winning works were included in Nami Concours Catalogue and showcased at Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2013, Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival 2013 and USBBY Conference 2013 so far. Also, there will be a series of exhibitions at the National Library for Children and Young Adults in Korea next March and IBBY Conference in September, 2014. Along with organising big and small promotional events, Nami Concours International Secretariat is committed to become a platform for talented international picture book illustrators who are seeking for a chance to be recognised on the global level.

Again, the 2nd edition of Nami Concours calls for picture book illustrations. Unlike the 1st edition, participants are asked to upload a high-resolution digital version of original illustrations to the official website of Nami Concours (www.namiconcours.com) during the submission period that is 1 July 2014 to 30 September 2014. With a new submission system, increased number of participation is expected since concerns and pressure to send original illustrations to overseas has been resolved. Thus, please make sure to submit entry in time abiding by the rules and conditions of Nami Concours which also can be found on the Nami Concours official website.

Nami Island, the sponsor of Nami Concous, is also honourably sponsoring Hans Christian Andersen Awards. Before that, Nami Island is one of the most representative tourist destinations not only in Korea but also in South East Asia which invites 2.7 million visitors from 120 countries a year. The island that used to be discarded and barren had been transformed into a recreational forest since 1965 by planting a variety of trees, flowers and vegetables to succeed the will of the founder, Byung-do Minn. Moreover, since Woo-hyon Kang who is a former designer, illustrator and environmental activist was inaugurated as a CEO in 2001, the island has been serving as a cultural platform. Now, Nami Island is delivering the scent of nature to those who are worn out by city life and serving as an enthusiastic supporter of artists. By providing them with a full range of opportunities for interaction with the public, source of artistic inspiration, collaboration and residency programme, Nami Island is offering a wide spectrum of experiences to people from diverse backgrounds.

Indeed, Nami Island is a melting pot of culture and arts. Additionally, there are much more initiatives by Nami Island that have been little known to many and those projects are open to anyone in terms of collaboration opportunity. Nami Concours can be a good start for sure.

Get ready for so many wonderful things ahead!

For more information, please visit the Nami Concours official website at www.namiconcours.com