Hello all. I know I still have some die-hard fans out there. We’ve been doing well, and while we still have time for picture books, we are fully immersed in other things like The GiverReturn of Zita the Space Girl, and Foxtrot comics. That said, we just finished up a big bookshelf purge… and when I say purge, I mean purge. We are getting rid of almost all of our picture books except for the very favorites.

That said, I am offering up, for the first time EVER, a $20 vintage children’s book grab bag in my Etsy shop. Each package will include at least 4 to 5 vintage books (maybe more if I feel like getting the stuff out) that are super awesome. The $20 includes shipping and packaging, and will hold guaranteed awesome stuff and maybe a surprise here and there. Way, way, way over a $20 value. The suspenseful thrill alone is world hundreds! I thought this might be a fun way to purge some of our faves and make a little summer camp money on the side.

But act fast I am only going to be selling 20 of these $20 grab bags and the sale only lasts until 4pm CT THIS Friday. Leave a note when you purchase and maybe I can personalize somewhat for age and taste.

I promise the stuff inside will be awesome and way worth the Jackson.

Hope you can join in the fun. Click here to do so.


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