Christopher’s Parade
Martin Stephen Moskof ~ Richard Hefter ~ Parents’ Magazine Press, 1972

Funny how when you discover an author, their books seem to pop up all over. Now, is that a coincidence, or have they always been there and I just never noticed them before? After I found this book by Mr. Moskof, I stumbled across this one. Both designers, Mr. Moskof and Mr. Hefter (of Sweet Pickles fame) did a bunch of books together during the 70s featuring Hefter’s bright, groovy colors.

Love, love love that look. (Hello. Did I mention Sweet Pickles? AWESOME.) Those books totally take me back to the Ice Storm era. Grown up parties. Strange bookshelves. School book clubs.


Christopher stood on the street waiting for the parade. First Christopher saw a drum major with a big baton and behind him a very noisy marching band and after them an airplane and a camel with bells around his neck and a car full of clowns and a monkey in a funny suit selling balloons and a long green crocodile and…

In what could be called the longest run-on sentence of all time, we see all the wonderful things that Christopher sees while consuming any number of parade goodies like popcorn and lollipops and peanuts and candy apples and hot dogs and pop and balloons and flags and hat and buttons, oh my. Simply an orgy of good times. Dig it, man.


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