As I’ve been warning for some time, I’ve decided to taking my blogging in another direction. If you’ve been reading me from the beginning, you know that I launched this blog a million years ago when my son was a baby. It started as a way to connect with other people about all the wonderful books I was finding for and sharing with my son. It ended up that I wasn’t the only mom looking for the vintage awesomeness of an old book. Loads of like-minded folks were looking for past picture books to share with their kids. Illustrators were looking for inspiration from the past. And TONS of people were just randomly Googling the key words they could remember about a book they loved long ago and lost. (Hi there!)

Way back then, I was a stay-at-home mom on hiatus from working, and had way more time and energy to funnel into this labor of love. Now, I’m back working in publishing, and though I still do love the thrill of finding a treasure here and there and sharing it on the other blog, my son’s literary passions sit elsewhere. He hasn’t yet become the voracious reader I had hoped for but he still loves books, but more appropriately, graphic novels or anything of the cartoon variety. He adores any story told in images as drawing is his number one passion. More than anywhere else nowadays, you’ll find us in the graphic novel section at Half Price Books digging to find the handful of things age-appropriate for an eight-year-old who loves animals, anime, and Doctor Who.

So here I am, starting a new blog when I should be doing a million and one other things.

Welcome, Graphic Novels My Kid Loves, banner by the Ben, fabulous creator of Zita the Spacegirl.

I hope you’ll come visit me over there, and know that I’ll still be here, posting on new things I find.

For example, the annual Great Holiday Give is ready to go for the start of the November, so tune in to win!

Happy reading kids, and, as always, thanks for riding along!

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