Founded in 1947, NBU has 257members. The association organises authors who write fiction for children and young people.

NBU´s main responsibility is to safeguard the professional and financial interests of writers of books for children and young people, to defend copyright rights, conclude agreements that give these writers social and financial security, defend freedom of speech, protect moral rights and protect writers who become embroiled in work-related conflicts with the authorities. Writers who are not members of the association and their heirs are entitled to the professional assistance of the association.

One important task for NBU is to make literature for children and young people visible to the general public.

NBU concludes agreements with the publishers´ organisations on standard contracts, agent contracts, cheap edition contracts, and anthology contracts. NBU also has agreements with book clubs, The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and the Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs.

The asssociation is a member of the Nordic Writers´ and Translators´ Council and the European Writers´ Council.

 The administration consists of a secretary and a full time chairperson. To qualify for membership, an applicant must have written at least two books for children or young people which maintain an artistic standard. Membership is open to all writers who reside in Norway, regardless of whether their books are written in Norwegian, Sami or a foreign language. This also applies to Norwegian nationals living abroad.

The merits of membership applications will be evaluated by the NBU´s Literary Council, which will make recommendations to the Board of Directors.
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Norwegian Writers for Children

P.O.Box 261 Sentrum

NO-0103 OSLO

Visiting Address: Rådhusgata 7, Oslo


Phone: (+47) 22 47 85 70
Fax: (+47) 22 42 53 58


To qualify for membership, writers must have written at least two books for children or young people while residing in Norway. The books shall maintain an artistic standard, and be judged without prejudice to whether they are written in Norwegian, Sami og a foreign language. The same criteria apply to Norwegian nationals living aborad.

Membership services of NBU:

  •  distributes its news bulletin "NBUlletin" to all members.
  • distributes a tax memo including guidelines on how to fill in tax returns.
  • endeavours to help members in a difficult financial situation.
  • arranges at least two meetings for members each year.
  • offers members over the age of 67 lifetime membership and full membership rights free of charge.
  • keeps members informed about current negotiations and other matters important to the organization.